Our Mission Statement is simply “Quality Instruction in the Arts” and that directs everything we do here at St. Paul’s Fine Arts Academy. We hope that you find information here to help you determine that our Fine Arts Academy is the right place for you or your child.

Our outstanding faculty instructs students of all ages in Voice, Piano, Guitar, Band instruments, and Orchestra instruments. Our instructors are degreed or near-degreed in their area of expertise. They are experienced instructors who are committed to bringing out the best in each student. We believe in building a strong foundation through music basics. This foundation allows each student to grow to the highest level they are willing to discipline themselves to achieve.

Our passion for fine arts education and broad array of classes means that we have a place for you!

St. Paul’s Fine Arts Academy is a nonprofit organization committed to personal, quality education in music!

We want to be an extension of your classroom. MUSIC EDUCATORS we know you are pressed for time and cannot give the individualized attention to each student that is needed. Whether you have a student who is struggling and needs some basic technique work or a student who shines and has unlimited potential, private instruction could be just the answer to taking that student to the next level. This will absolutely improve your school ensemble and strengthen it as your young musicians become more aware and skilled in music and their instrument. MUSIC STUDENTS do you want to improve your chair position in band or orchestra? Need help with that contest solo? Want to get into honor band, choir, or orchestra? Let us help!


A $25 registration fee is due at the beginning of each semester following the regular school calendar for each student regardless of the number of disciplines studied. If lessons continue through the summer, no registration fee is collected. However if lessons begin in the summer, a registration fee will be collected at the time of enrollment; the September registration fee is then waived. No more than $50 in registration fees per calendar year will be expected.
– 30 minutes of private instruction is $85 per month.
– 60 minutes of class instruction is $15 per class or approximately $60 per month.
Registration fee is payable to St. Paul’s Fine Arts Academy.
Tuition payment is payable to the instructor who teaches the lesson/class.

Scholarships are available. Click here for more details.

St. Paul’s Fine Arts Academy
10600 N Council Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73162

To enroll, new students must contact Nancy Krause, Academy Director, complete a Registration & Enrollment Agreement, and submit the form with the registration fee on or before the first lesson. When a student is enrolled, he/she is committing to an entire semester of study.

Contact Academy Director Nancy Krause.
Click Here for the Registration & Enrollment Agreement

St. Paul’s Fine Arts Academy operates out of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in NW OKC located on North Council Road between NW Expressway and Hefner Road. The Church serves as the building for the Academy but it is not affiliated with the school other than in the use of its rooms and pianos. For more about our Facilities, Security, and Pianos click here.

POLICIES – Information about all of our policies to include Late Payments, Schedules, Make-Up Lessons, Weather closings, as well as all of our Privacy Policies can be found by clicking here.

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